A few years ago I wrote a blog about cooking called 29 and Hungry. I’ve really missed it so I was thinking of reviving it. I thought about keeping the name until I realized how long ago it really was that I was writing it — if I were to start it up again now I’d probably have to call it “33 and Slowly Approaching Death.” This isn’t Live Journal though, so I decided to start all over and call it Queen City Simmer.

I would run into people either in real life or on social media who would ask me why I stopped blogging. Do you ever meet those people who are always SO busy but never seem to actually get anything done or finish anything? That’s me. Well, hopefully that WAS me… I’ve gotten a lot better lately at budgeting my time (mostly by paying attention via an app which puts how you spend your time into nifty pie charts, making me realize all the time I totally waste away and where exactly all my time went. As someone who didn’t work a typical 9-5 job it was really eye opening to see where it all went to — there should have been a pie chart slice solely for looking at photos of baby otters doing humanlike things).

I’ve finally gotten somewhat of a work/life balance going on which has left me with all this new extra time on my hands. I mean, between taking care of our dogs, renovating our house and shoveling snow that there’s no place left to put, I really felt like I needed something new and fun to focus on a bit, and the idea of blogging about cooking/food kept coming back to me as something I missed doing. It’s funny – I didn’t stop cooking when I stopped blogging, but I stopped trying new ingredients. I’m not sure why writing about stuff made me want to try new things, but it did.

I do have some ambitious recipes I want to try out, stuff I’ve never even thought about making before, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out and if it will end in disaster like so many in the past have. Unlike last time I’m not going to make “rules” for myself – anything goes, whatever I want to cook and write about is game. There’s so much food stuff happening in Buffalo right now that I can hardly keep up with it — it’s really awesome to see, but I will still focus mostly on what’s going on in my kitchen here!